Asheville Urban Outfitters

In 2010 Swain & Associates redeveloped a portion of downtown Asheville, North Carolina, transforming an old storefront into a new and modern Urban Outfitters.  Urban Outfitters is now one of the primary focal points of downtown Asheville, and serves as the benchmark for responsible development in the community.

Prior to redevelopment, the block was occupied by a second generation CVS Pharmacy.  CVS’s changing business model dictated that they move out of the downtown in favor of a nearby freestanding opportunity.  When CVS closed, it left the building looking tired and worn.  Swain & Associates saw the opportunity to capitalize on Asheville’s cashé and bring a well recognized national brand to the area.

Urban Outfitters was a perfect fit for the area and community.  The building underwent an extensive renovation, turning what was originally a one story 8,000 square foot retail storefront into a three story 16,000 square foot superstore.

Today the building is the center of commerce in downtown Asheville, and has precipitated a redevelopment renaissance in the burgeoning Wall Street district.


After Renovation

Before Renovation

After Renovation

After Renovation



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